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Foundation Course Lesson – (5-8): Basic training Kodu Pulli Kolam




This course contains 4 lessons of Kodu Pulli Kolam .

Basic Training 5: Ner Kodu Pulli – Form & Shape : In this video we delve into the Kolam practice of pictorial images of life forms and shapes. Demonstration of colouring techniques and explanations for the need and use for these types of Kolams.


Basic Training 6: Forms abstracted in Ner Kodu Pulli – You will learn to practice the Abhaya and Varadha Mudra..all about the powers of the Elephant and Peacock and their variations, Draw the image of a Ganehsa seated in a Lotus, and see how to assemble these to create personalized narratives to fit, support, celebrate and/or honor your various important life events.. with these type of Kolam structures.


Basic Training 7: Symmetry attractions in Kodu Idikku Pulli Kolam – Kodu in iddiku pulli
(lines connecting to a in uneven area of dot alignments) Kolàm show us how all life forms can be expressed in their sacred geometric abstractions
You will be introduced to also the 9 faces of the 9 Goddesses of Navaratri (9 nights) festival.. and more.


Basic Training 8: Sacred Shatkona in Kodu Idikku Pulli Kolam – In this video we delve into Kodu iddiku pulli Kolàm, I take you to forms that are venerating nature that can take place outside and Kolàm patterns that are sacred Yantra formations intended to be made in sacred sight specific locations..
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