Advanced Training

Learning Modules explained:


Day 1 up to 4 

Numerology and Astrology:

1, Numerology

2, Birth- Wedding, etc.- Date Kolam

3, Astrology

4, Dance of the Planets


Day 5 up to 8

Mandala and Yantra:

1, Mandala Kolam

2, Flower Kolam

3, Ganapathi Yantra Kolam

4, Sri Yantra Kolam


Day 9 up to 12

The ‘Guardian Keeper’:

1, Festivals and Celebrations

2, Riddles and Games

3, Pre-preparation as Guardian Keeper of the Kolam

4, Presentations


Receiving of Certificate



Basic Training

With this training you can already become a  Kolam practitioner!

Intermediate Training

With this training you will learn to how to speak in the Kolam language!

Advanced Training

With this training you will become a Kolam ‘Guardian Keeper’!


Evolve your self on many levels in different workshops!

Private Introduction

One on one introduction into the holistic and sacred art of Kolams!

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