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Basic Training (9-12): Basic Traning Sikku ,Nelly Kambi Kolam




This course contains 4 lessons of Sikku ,Nelly Kambi Kolam

Basic Training 9: In lesson 9 we come to where the true characteristics of Kolàm patterns as charms as locks and as remover of obstacles are decoded, simplified at times demystified, made simple.


Basic Training10: In Lesson 10 we continue delving deeper into how ner pulli grids are at the base structure of hundreds of varying codes ; lines that weave and braid and bind elegant structures that act also like batteries of intentions made.


Basic Training 11: In lesson 11 The iddiku pulli becomes the base structure for loop/ Nelly, threads/ Kambi with / knots/sikku to move around the dots creating hundreds of possible variations of how life and it’s forces are held and knotted together.


Basic Training 12: In lesson 12 after having discovered the love knots we cast out our nets to sieve the Intelligence, it’s knowledge and wisdom found in the magic of Universal codes.

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