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Intermediate Course

Course Details:


Day 1 up to 4

Sacred Geometry

1. Five elements

2. The Physical proportions

3. Flower of Life

4. Bees, and Flowers


Day 5  and 8

Trinity Forces:

5. Gods

6. Goddesses

7.Three fold knots

8. Rhythm


Day 9 and 12 

Fractals and Tessellations:

9. Fractals

10. Transformation

11. Tessellations

12. Growth


Receiving of Certificate



Foundation Course
Video Lessons

With this training you can already become a  Kolam practitioner!
First 6 videos in Basic Training Padi Kolam has been released.

Intermediate Course

With this training you will learn to how to speak in the Kolam language!

Advanced Course

With this training you will become a Kolam ‘Guardian Keeper’!

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