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Kodu Pulli Kolam

Two dimentional images of all life forms of earth-matter.

What are Kodu Pulli Kolam?


Kodu is the word meaning for a Line and Pulli means a dot.

The lines attach themselves to a grid of dots. The dots placed help the lines create forms and shapes. Similar rules to Paddi and Sikku Kolam are applied in holding space for each Kolam to be build upon templates of sacred geometry, symmetry and mirroring , tessellations and fractal  growth, numerical value and dot count and more.

Inner and Outer pictorial worlds are formed. These forms manifest the essence of life  as we perceive it. We recognize the abstraction of plant, flower, animal, bird, and many more pure ‘distilled images’ all expressed in a two dimensional plane of perception. These represent life its creation, its force, power and beauty.

Kodu Pulli Kolam help us understand how we are deeply connected and similar to all matter upon Earth.



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