Paddi Kolam

Two dimentional images of tempels.

What are Paddi Kolam?


Paddi is the word meaning for steps. Steps that are repeated either leading up or down. Constructed by the Kolam practitioner in a two dimensional drawn template of lines. Some associate them with Wedding Kolam, or with Fire ritual Kolam assisting and reinforcing  a Sacred body of rules that are governed by geometries; squares, right angles, triangles and circles.

The Kolam Practitioner becomes an Architect of the architecture of sacred abodes found in all Temples and other power places not only in Tamil Nadu. Temples that tune into the four cardinal directions of Space and Time. Giving rise to repeated acts of giving, rising like a Gopuram, a Temple tower, that yearns to connected with the highest source and/ or the many steps that lead into the Temple Tanks also called Kulam that bring us to surrender, cleanse and connect with the depth of our being in earth matter.


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