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Great teachers, Gurus of the past, traced sacred visual grid structures of earth’s reality that exist within us and in the Universe.

They explained this in a whole and integral pictorial and non-verbal syllabus. They created integral learning, which we call today esoteric, wizardry or magical, etc. to initiate us into the creator’s coded matrix we live in.  Most of these great learning abodes no longer exist, have even been deliberately destroyed and a lot of the syllabus is scattered all over the earth. We can find them back like puzzle pieces of great knowledge here and there, strewn and fragmented in all cultures.  Our task could be the collecting of all these puzzle pieces and the incredible journey of piecing them all back together. 

Sri Aurobindo wrote:

‘For in the old days these things were mysteries, which men left to the few, to the initiates and by so leaving them lost sight of them in the end, but this new mind endeavors to reveal; to bring near to our comprehension all mysteries. 

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