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Foundation Course – Lesson 6: Forms abstracted in Ner Kodu Pulli


Forms Abstracted in Ner Kodu Pulli



We are half way the Basic Integral KolamYoga training!
The Ner kodu pulli; lines that are drawn, straight, waving, spiraling etc. attached to the straight aligned dots in squares, diamonds and swastika/suvastika grids, allow you to create a direct dialogue with the abstracted essence of life forms, we all, co in habit with here on earth.

The practice helps us to better understand, perceive and register how to navigate between the past collective it’s cultural narratives, symbols iconography and metaphors.

You will learn to practice the Abhaya and Varadha Mudra..all about the powers of the Elephant and Peacock and their variations, Draw the image of a Ganehsa seated in a Lotus, and see how to assemble these to create personalized narratives to fit, support, celebrate and/or honor your various important life events.. with these type of Kolam structures.

We do a short summary of all the previous video’s and conclude with how this supports the coming 6 videos (that conclude the Integral Basic KolamYoga trajectory training). Allowing you a life time understanding of this timeless knowledge and wisdom stored in two Dimensional (2D) images that have survived generations!
Making you an integral Guardian keeper of its knowledge and it’s access!
Not just copy pasting Kolams but truly understanding its language!

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