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Complete Foundation Course In Kolam Yoga: 12 Lessons




This course contains all the 12 lessons of Kolam Yoga Basic Training Course.

1. Threshold Guardians – In this lesson you will be introduced and Initiated into the realm of KolamYoga. Asking permission from the Threshold Guardian keepers. Learning to make Snake Kolams as an initiation into the Kolam’s sacred abode of knowledge.


2. Temple, Gopuram & Kulam – This lesson shows you how to draw with powder Paddi Kolàm, its technique, it’s spiritual significance, I take you to Temples to show you what are Gopuram and Kulam and how they are present in the template of the Kolàm. You will learn a mudra sequence of Ganesha remover of obstacles and much more…


3. Different Types – From Iyer/ Shaivite to Iyengar/ Vaishnavite Paddi Kolam, this video lesson shows you how to expand lines. Not only constructing a personalized template of a Temple, but also drawing from natures waves and spirals to hold space and growth for a deeper veneration of creation. You will learn the KoTree Mandala of arms with eyes sequence, Mantras chanted by Joy to chant along, and I show you where all you can lay down a relevant Iyengar/ Vaishnavite Padi Kolam. With a deepened understanding of its meaning in form power!


4. Sun Disc & Swastika – This the fourth and last in the sequence of four video in our basic understanding of the Padi Kolam type. It will direct you to a deepened understanding of the power of the knot/ battery of creation called Brahmas knot! You will learn how to weave the various in crosses formed power knots together into creating sanctuary space for your personal intentions to manifest through you. I take you through Kotree Yoga asanas/ full body movements, mudras/ hand gestures, eye awakening sequence to help you on your path of consciousness. This class also gives a summary of all that you have learned so far and how to implement its layers into one whole!


Basic Training 5: Ner Kodu Pulli – Form & Shape : In this video we delve into the Kolam practice of pictorial images of life forms and shapes. Demonstration of colouring techniques and explanations for the need and use for these types of Kolams.


Foundation Course Lesson 6: Forms abstracted in Ner Kodu Pulli – You will learn to practice the Abhaya and Varadha Mudra..all about the powers of the Elephant and Peacock and their variations, Draw the image of a Ganehsa seated in a Lotus, and see how to assemble these to create personalized narratives to fit, support, celebrate and/or honor your various important life events.. with these type of Kolam structures.


Foundation Course Lesson 7: Symmetry attractions in Kodu Idikku Pulli Kolam – Kodu in iddiku pulli
(lines connecting to a in uneven area of dot alignments) Kolàm show us how all life forms can be expressed in their sacred geometric abstractions
You will be introduced to also the 9 faces of the 9 Goddesses of Navaratri (9 nights) festival.. and more.


Foundation Course Lesson 8: Sacred Shatkona in Kodu Idikku Pulli Kolam – In this video we delve into Kodu iddiku pulli Kolàm, I take you to forms that are venerating nature that can take place outside and Kolàm patterns that are sacred Yantra formations intended to be made in sacred sight specific locations..
Foundation Course Lesson 9: In lesson 9 we come to where the true characteristics of Kolàm patterns as charms as locks and as remover of obstacles are decoded, simplified at times demystified, made simple.
Foundation Course Lesson 10: In Lesson 10 we continue delving deeper into how ner pulli grids are at the base structure of hundreds of varying codes ; lines that weave and braid and bind elegant structures that act also like batteries of intentions made.
Foundation Course Lesson 11: In lesson 11 The iddiku pulli becomes the base structure for loop/ Nelly, threads/ Kambi with / knots/sikku to move around the dots creating hundreds of possible variations of how life and it’s forces are held and knotted together.
Foundation Course Lesson 12: In lesson 12 after having discovered the love knots we cast out our nets to sieve the Intelligence, it’s knowledge and wisdom found in the magic of Universal codes.


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