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Find here the trajectory of the different KolamYoga Learning routes that are also addaptable to your induvidual pase of learning and your availability of commitment. The dates below can be adjustable to fit both of our schedules .

KolamYoga in Dutch Magazine! (1)

A beautiful testimonial appeared in a  Dutch Yoga Magazine by Sharon Beck, who attended last year’s Kolam Yoga workshop in June , School ‘De Kolam’ voor Genezend Tekenen, Zutphen , the Netherlands.
She refers to the healing properties of the Kolam, the connections made possible between brain and heart, balance and synchronization of vision and thoughts aligned to intention made visible in co-creating Life.
Gifting a template of a Bhakti Kolam dedicated to Krishna’s anklet symbolizing the rhythm in fourfold cardinal directions of space, as a call to Universal love invited to protect like an Angel.


Sharon Beck quotes:
‘Connect Heaven and Earth’
Empty yourself as much as possible with the following movements;
1; Stand in Mountain Pose,(Tadasana)
2; Open arms to the heaven then bow down, soft knees, hinging at the hips to release , and flow to earth
3; Move shoulders, arms,chest and hips in 8 looping


Sharon Beck quotes:
‘Let go of what you think you know and receive what you truly need!’
4; Go from Mountain Pose into a low lunge (Anjananeyasana) and open hips stretch the legs to allow the lower body to connect to earth and bow down deep forwards
5; Straddle and do side bending (Utthita Parsvakonasana) preparing for the Kolam Trikonasana pose. flowing torso through legs to earth
6; Back to Mountain Pose (Tadasana) bending down to (Uttenasan), then back up
Feel the quiet, emptied space within!


Learn from the instruction template of ‘Krishnas Anklet Kolam ‘ in 4 Cardinal directions of Space; how to make this Kolam.


Recreate ‘Krishnas Anklet Kolam’ ( preferably from memory).


Sikku (Knotted) Kolam acts like a Protective Angel energy!
A sieve to filter only all Benevolent.

Basic Training

With this training you can already become a  Kolam practitioner!

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Intermediate Training

With this training you will learn to how to speak in the Kolam language!

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Advanced Training

With this training you will become a Kolam ‘Guardian Keeper’!

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Evolve your self on many levels in different workshops!

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Private Introduction

Watch an introduction into the holistic and sacred art of Kolams!

Student Perks

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